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Auto Repairs & Oil Changes in San Diego, California

Keep your car in top operating condition for safer driving with auto repairs from Boulevard Automotive in San Diego, California. Additionally, we provide regular oil changes.
Mechanic — Auto Repairs, Oil Changes in San Diego, CA

Repair Services

The brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Brakes have three separate functions; mechanical, hydraulic and some newer vehicles are electronic. AAA Roadway magazine recommends having your brakes inspected frequently. As AAA Approved Auto repair facility, we perform routine FREE brake inspections as part of our recommended regular maintenance schedule. In addition, we provide a 2 year/24,000 mile nationwide warranty on all parts and labor!

When you have a brake related symptom such as squealing, grinding, pulsation hard or soft braking effort and or ABS brake warning light, these are early warning signs that your brakes need professional attention. Please contact us at your convenience for a FREE brake inspection appointment.

Transmissions, Clutches, & Axles

We perform the highest standard repairs on transmissions, clutches, axles, and differentials. Our automotive shop utilizes proper fluids for transmissions, differentials, and gear oils.

Suspension, & Shocks:

• Steering
• Alignments

Cooling Systems: Using NAPA® Quality Parts For...

• Thermostats • Radiators
• Hose & Water Pump Replacements
• Belts
Mechanic Holding a Wrench — Auto Repairs, Oil Changes in San Diego, CA

Engine Performance

Boulevard Automotive provides one of the top engine performance services in La Jolla and Pacific Beach. Our wide range of engine services includes:
• Engine Repairs
• Tune-ups
• Ignition Systems
• Fuel Injector Systems
• Hybrid Car Work
• Check Engine Light Inspections
• Computer Diagnostics

Auto Electrical Systems

Expert technicians diagnose and repair your electrical problems related to power locks, window motors, and switches. We operate the latest equipment to diagnose alternator performance and starters, as well as carry a large stock of batteries and light bulbs.

Electrical Services:

• Alternators
• Battery Replacements
• Starters

Oil Changes & K-Scheduled Maintenance

• Light Bulb & Headlight
• Window & Door Electrical
Our regular oil is synthetic blend, and we feature full synthetic Castrol® oil. Boulevard Automotive is also highly qualified to perform K-scheduled maintenance.
Call us at (858) 488-7573 in San Diego, California, to request repairs or an oil change.